Opatovice Power Plant

Realization: 2002

Place: Opatovice nad Labem

Original fifty years old roof of the boiler house of Opatovice Power Plant suddenly collapsed in November 2002. As the result of this accident there was necessary to replace old roof by the new one, then to rebuilt facade structures and reconstruct roof structure of the adjacent turbine and piping house. Roof trusses with span 27 m are main bearing elements of new roof structure. These trusses support non-purlin roof system and new aerating
unit. New roof is equipped with bracing and dewatering gutters. Whole roof, 187 m long and 27 m wide was designed, fabricated and erected within two months after accident.
The new, lighter one replaced original heavy roof covering of the turbine and piping house. Then, some weld had been repaired and some bracing elements had been added.
Whole reconstruction works was performed in hard time and space conditions (full plant operation, non-dust conditions, and access only from the front walls).

Disassembly of steel structure after accident, delivery and erection of new steel structure for the boiler house, delivery and erection of the boiler house cladding. The association of EXCON , a.s. and Chládek a Tintěra - silnice a železnice Pardubice, a.s. the general contractor for-turbine and piping house complete reconstruction of steel structures, roof and wall cladding of turbine and piping buildings including all design documentation levels.

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ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

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