Hangar Mošnov

Steel structure of hangar at airport Ostrava - Mošnov

Place: Airport Ostrava - Mošnov

Realization: 2007

Description: Conceptual design of steel structures, basic design, detail design, author's supervision, workshop drawings, theoretical basis for erection, delivery and pre-stressing of the tendons, activation of the structure.

First time in Czech Republic the steel structure was designed to be pre-assembled on the ground, furnished with the cladding and technological equipment and subsequently heavy lifted by the hydraulic devices to it's final position on columns, 21m above the ground level.

The new hangar in the Mošnov airport, situated near the Ostrava town, consists of the main hangar building of the rectangular ground plan 143,5x80m and adjacent 5-storey service building.

The roof of the main hangar structure consists of 7 bowstring lattice trusses, with the rise of arch 12m, pinned on the top of 21,5m high cantilevered columns. The twins of the tendons, solid bars with rolled threads of diameter 105mm and steel S520, are used as bottom chords of the lattice trusses. The tubular bracing members connect the upper chords of the lattice trusses each to other. The tendons of thread M48 and steel S 460 create diagonals of the horizontal X-shaped bracing, situated in the level of the bottom chords of trusses. Columns are designed as lattice cantilevers of rectangular shape 2x2.5m with box-shaped legs and tubular bracing. There are no purlins in the structure.

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ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

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