Škoda Auto a.s. M13 Assembly Hall

Realization: 1995

Place: Mladá Boleslav

Structure description: The new industrial hall serves for assembly of new OCTAVIA automobiles. Material storage rooms, workshops, checking and testing cabins belong to the hall. The general lay-out of the M13 assembly hall with outer dimensions of 219,6 x 188,6 m was divided into five basic parts. The load-bearing structure of Section 1 (the central part) is formed by dendritic structure supporting the roof with suspended process structures. The main beam span is 41 m, the cross section distance is 18 m. The height of the central part
is 14,3 m in-the middle of the hall and 11,5 m at the extreme main beams. The-load-bearing structure of 2-5 fractals is formed by reinforced concrete columns bearing a steel prestressed girder structure in a modulus of 6 x 6 m which is supported by tie rods. The column modulus is 18 x 18 m. The fractal height is constant in all fields at a-level of 8 m. In three fractal fields, there are air-conditioning machine rooms. The total covered hall area is 32 200 m2.

Project designer: HENN Architekten Ingenieure, Germany.

General designer: PROJEKTA s.r.o.

Steel structure design: EXCON, a.s.


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ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

Jazyk: CZ, EN, RU