Tennis area Krnov

Realization: 2005

Place: Krnov - Horní Předměstí

Description: Building is divided on three parts in light of position and type of structures: steel structure of roof of hall, front and rear wall and inserted building. Steel structure of roof is most interesting in light of design of structure, shape and visual appearance. Dimensions of this part is c. 38x62m. Clear height of hall in top is c. 9,3m. Bearing structure consists of elliptical truss girders with base interconnected with rod in module 6,1m and span c. 38m. Truss girder has triangular cross - section, which is decreases onto base. Building has front and rear wall on sides. On the one hand object, near front wall, is designed inserted building.

Workshop documentation and supply of steel structures.

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ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

Jazyk: CZ, EN, RU