Sazka Arena

Realization: 2003

Place: Prague

Description:  Multipurpose Sazka Arena was finished with the start of world ice hockey championship in Prague in april 2004. Besides sport activities in a lot of branches, many cultural, social and commecial activities will be organised here. The shape of the roof above the arena was determined by architect as a sphere cap spanning 135 m with rise 9 m. Several statical schemes were developed for Sazka Arena. The prestessed space beam string structure consists of 36 radial lattice girders with tie rods /bars/ connected to the central tubus, which has a shape of a hollow cylinder of diameter 18 m and height 12,3 m. Tangential vertical bracing, situated at concentric circles consists of beams and portal frames stabilizing the structure against buckling and partially acting as an arch, and together with the bracing in the roof plane it ensures overall stability of the structure. 32 columns pinned to the concrete structure consisting of six dilatation sections support the ends of the girders. Four columns are fixed to the concrete structure. Four bridge bearings between girders and fixed columns enable only radial movement and stabilize the structure in space. The steel structure and theatre technology create integral system. Circular and movable bridges of the theatre technology are situated in the space between the girders and bars.

Conceptual design of steel structures, basic design, detail design, author's supervision, workshop drawings, theoretical basis for erection, fabrication of the central tubus, delivery and prestressing of the bars, activation of the structure.

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ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

Jazyk: CZ, EN, RU