Software products

At present we offer to our customers these software products:



IS ALeX is a configurable web-based information system. IS ALeX supports company processes and is usually used for documents management (e.g. business documents, design documentation, ISO, file services, etc.), management and evaluation of business data (orders, worksheets, claims, etc.) and any other records including the optional interconnection with third-party systems, e.g. accounting systems. 


Bill of Material

The Bill of Material is a useful aid for designers of steel structures. It allows a bill of material to be created for both large and small projects and even for prefabricated structures, from which multiple related structures can be built.



Boxik is a web-based application, which enables large files to be transferred without using email. Boxik is a file storage application, which you can manage yourself.


The high technical level across our product range requires top support in the IT field. For this reason, we have our own software development department. The software developed helps us achieve the high quality of all the company products, and can also be applied as a product in itself, which we offer to our clients. It includes the following software in particular.

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