Hall of the year Akademik 2017

EXCON supported student competition Hall of the year Akademik 2017

On 20th of April 2017 the student competition Hall of the year Akademik 2017 took place in Technical University of Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering.
It is about a student competition where students of universities with focus on building can, by a funny way, verify their theoretical knowledge. The competition Hall of year Akademik is determined to students of branch universities in the Czech Republic and in abroad and it takes place under the patronage of dean of Building Faculty Technical University in Prague and Czech Chamber of Deputies of authorized engineers and technicians active in construction. The task of the students is to design and produce an economy model of building construction and it then undergo a loading test. Students compete in one cathegory where they design and produce models of construction out of given materials at home. During the whole day there are load tests at school in which students load their models in front of the committee and audience by a given load.
The competition was sponsored by significant business entities and students received interesting prices and at the same time the meet with professionals from building practises.

EXCON, Inc. sponsored this competition by the amount 10.000 CZK.

More information you can find on www.halarokuakademik.fsv.cvut.cz

In Prague, 25th of April 2017

Pdf version: Hala roku Akademik 2017



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