KONSTRUKCE Magazine, 2004

EXCON sponsors KONSTRUKCE Magazine

EXCON, a.s. sponsors the subscription of the KONSTRUKCE magazine. In cooperation with the publisher of this professional magazine, this magazine (with a total of 410 copies of which 298 go to Czech universities and 112 to Slovak ones) is sent to teaching professors, deans and students of Czech and Slovak universities that have a civil engineering focus. The objective of this project is to promote steel structures and bridges among students at civil engineering colleges and contribute towards increasing their knowledge in this field. Regular distribution of the magazine has also become a significant means for increasing the awareness of educators at college departments.

The professional magazine is sent to the following universities:

  • VŠB-TU Ostrava, Faculty of Civil Engineering - Department of Structures
  • VUT in Brno, Faculty of Architecture
  • VUT in Brno, Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • TU Liberec, Faculty of Architecture
  • CVUT in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • University of Pardubice, Department of Traffic Infrastructure
  • TU Bratislava, Faculty of Civil Engineering Bratislava, Library and Information Centre
  • TU Košice, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Concrete Structures and Bridges
  • TU Bratislava, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Structures in Architecture
  • University of Žilina, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Structures and Bridges

This project was welcomed at all civil engineering colleges and EXCON received a great deal of positive response. For this reason we have included several thank-you letters which the company has received from the universities' contact people.

Letters of thanks:

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