EXCON sponsors JUNIORSTAV for third year

Organizing the ninth conference with international participation linked the civil engineering faculty to the previous successful conference of doctoral studies organized at VUT in Brno. This year's ninth annual doctoral conference was held under the name JUNIORSTAV 2007 on 24 January 2007 under the auspices of the dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at VUT in Brno (Brno University of Technology), Prof. RNDr. Ing. Per Štěpánek, CSc. and the rector of VUT in Brno, Prof. Ing. Karel Rais, CSc., MBA.

The conference is for all students of doctoral study programs on full-time and distance courses. It is a traditional meeting of PhD students from all over the Czech Republic and abroad.

The idea of the conference is to provide PhD students a space especially for:

  • publication of parts of a doctoral dissertation
  • publication of results of scientific-research activity
  • presentation before a wider public
  • establishing contacts with students from domestic and foreign colleges and universities
  • exchanging views and experiences
  • putting the results of doctoral works into practice
  • combining cooperation with work experience

The extent of the conference and specifications of professional interests means the conference is broken down into eight main sections:

  • Section 1_Civil Engineering
  • Section 2_Constructions and Traffic Structures
  • Section 3_Water Management and Water Structures
  • Section 4_Physical and Building Materials Engineering
  • Section 5_Economics and Management in the Building Industry
  • Section 6_Geodesy and Cartography
  • Section 7_Forensic Engineering
  • Section 8_Sustainable Building and Town Development

EXCON, a.s. was more prominent for subsection 2.2. Metal, Timber and Composite Structures of Section 2 Constructions and Traffic Structures

Image from discussions for section 2.2. Metal, Timber and Composite Structures.

Fifteen papers were submitted for subsection 2.2. Ten doctoral students presented the results of their work.

The representative of EXCON, a.s., Ivana Fryšová, awarded a "Sponsor's Prize" on agreement with the professional committee (a voucher to purchase specialist literature worth CZK 3000) to student Zuzana Musilová for her paper, "Using reinforced epoxy resin to repair and strengthen wooden structures".

Image of the prize being presented.

EXCON, a.s. supported the doctoral students' conference JUNIORSTAV 2007 the sum of CZK 17,000 along with a voucher to purchase specialist literature (lecture notes) worth CZK 3000. More information and a list of lectures can be found on http://juniorstav2007.fce.vutbr.cz/ or in the conference proceedings (also available on CD), which is stored at the executive director's secretariat.

Prague, 25 January 2007
Ivana Fryšová

PDF version: JUNIORSTAV 2007

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