Student Research Activities 2006

EXCON sponsors the 7th year of the faculty round of STUDENT RESEARCH ACTIVITIES 2006 at VŠB-TU in Ostrava 

The seventh year of the student competition STUDENT RESEARCH ACTIVITIES took place at the civil engineering faculty on 3 May 2006. It is advertised for students of full-time study and those who completed their study at the faculty in the given academic year prior to the competition end date in the summer semester of the academic year 2005-2006.

The opening ceremony of this competition took place in the common areas of the TU faculty with the participation of the dean of the FAST at VŠT-TU Ostrava, Doc. Ing. Alois Materna, CSc., MBA.

Section 1 - Engineering Structures
Section 2 - City Engineering, Urbanism and Architecture
Section 3 - Building Materials
Section 4 - Geotechnical Engineering
Section 5 - Section 5 - Civil Engineering
Section 6 - Building Equipment
Section 7 - Traffic Structures
Section 8 - Structural Mechanics

EXCON, a.s. sponsored Section 1, Engineering Structures.

The opening ceremony for Section 1 was hosted by head of the section and chairman of the professional jury, Ing. Karel Kubečka, Ph.D.

In this section, students of the fourth and fifth years presented papers in this order:

  1. Roman Fojtík - work name: Automating reliability assessments for steel hall structures
  2. Zbyněk Jarkuliš - work name: The structure of the sports hall at the primary school in Oldřišov
  3. Marie Stará - work name: Karolina sports relaxation centre with restaurant
  4. Oldřich Sucharda - work name: Bracket with semi-rigid restraining
  5. Silvie Uhrová - work name: Possibilities for stiffening reinforced concrete circular plates; example of stiffening a circular plate

Opening ceremony in Section 1, Engineering Structures


5th year student Roman Fojtík


4th year student Zbyněk Jarkuliš


5th year student Marie Stará


4th year student Oldřich Sucharda


5th year student Silvie Uhrová

The students' papers were evaluated by the members of the professional committee for:

  • proficiency level
  • theoretical contribution
  • benefit for implementation
  • originality
  • student's presentation of the work and demeanour, and for the graphics and grammatical level

EXCON supported the student competition, STUDENT RESEARCH ACTIVITIES 2006 in Section 1, Engineering Structures, with a sum of CZK 15,000 and also gave the winner, 5th year student Marie Stará, a voucher worth CZK 2000 to purchase specialist literature or lecture notes. The best three works will share the money. The professional committee made the decision to give student Marie Stará 1st place for her work on, "Karolina sports relaxation centre with restaurant", 2nd place was earned by student Silvie Uhrová for her work, "Possibilities for stiffening reinforced concrete circular plates; example of stiffening a circular plate" and 3rd place went to student Zbyněk Jarkuliš for his work on, "The structure of the sports hall at the primary school in Oldřišov". 

The other students in Section 1, Engineering Structures, received small gifts from EXCON. For more information see and in the proceedings of students' work (also available on CD), which is stored at the executive director's secretariat.

Prague, 10.5.2006
Ivana Fryšová


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