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EXCON, a.s. was one of the first post-revolutionary construction joint-stock companies. The founders are Czech natural persons who worked in the company – and some still do to this day. At the end of 2015, the founders handed the company over to company management.


EXCON, a.s. is primarily and traditionally engaged in the business of steel structures. The company began operations in 1990 as a design studio specialising in the structural analysis and dynamics of steel structures. In early 1995, it expanded its activities to include engineering and contracting. Following the introduction of new standard for inspections and maintenance of steel structures, which EXCON helped author, it is rolling out structure diagnostic services.


EXCON wants to build on its long tradition, on its uniqueness stemming from the complexity of the process from design to assembly, and on its high degree of professionalism. EXCON wants to continue to develop and streamline their own production facilities. The primary goal is a perfectly mastered process along the designer – programmer – production machine axis.

Our objective in the design and implementation of steel structures is to provide creative, technically unique, and economic solutions.


The mission of the company’s management is to view the company as a social system in all its complexity and to manage it from this perspective.


About the Company
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EXCON, a.s. provides all its services even during the emergency state

Dear Business Partners,

We would like to inform you that EXCON, a.s. continues to provide all its services even during the period of the emergency state declared by the Government of the Czech Republic.

We do not plan any interruptions. We have taken the necessary internal measures to ensure we can fulfill all current commitments.

Should the situation on our side change, we will inform you immediately and individually agree on the next steps.

We are open to any new orders for all our activities and we try to process our bids in the required terms.