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As a part of steel structures diagnostics, EXCON, a.s. offers comprehensive services covering inspections of steel structures within the scope set forth in ČSN 73 2604. Following the basic evaluation of the condition of a steel structure, we also offer partial NDT activities including ultrasonic thickness measurement, cone penetration tests, and visual tests. In order to be able to offer other specific NDT and DT methods, we cooperate with leading accredited laboratories.

Should it be necessary for the evaluation of the current state of a structure, we also offer short-term or long-term monitoring of static and dynamic response of structures and evaluation of results. The monitoring can be performed in on-line or off-line modes.

In case of structures where various material types combine in both bearing and non-bearing structural systems, we can provide diagnostics of all material types using our own resources or in cooperation with our partners specialising in the diagnostics of specific building material types.

Thanks to the close coordination of individual products offered by EXCON, a.s., we also offer the preparation of substitute documentation for steel structures and/or corrections of unsatisfactory details or structures as whole.

EXCON, a.s. is the partner of leading Czech companies in the field of steel structures diagnostics. Our partners include ČEZ, a.s., České Radiokomunikace,a.s., Českomoravský beton, a.s.  


  • České Radiokomunikace a.s. – comprehensive building-technical survey of the Praděd TV broadcasting tower
  • České Radiokomunikace a.s. – rectification of initial guy tensions and verticality of guyed masts
  • Škoda Auto, a.s. – inspections of secondary structures
  • National Technical Museum, Prague, Czech Republic – load testing
  • Stadiums in Chomutov, Czech Republic
  • O2 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Steel structures in Lower Vítkovice, Czech Republic

Contact: Ing. Jindřich Syrovátka, Technical Inspection Manager, +420 737 270 670, e-mail: syrovatka@excon.cz

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EXCON, a.s. provides all its services even during the emergency state

Dear Business Partners,

We would like to inform you that EXCON, a.s. continues to provide all its services even during the period of the emergency state declared by the Government of the Czech Republic.

We do not plan any interruptions. We have taken the necessary internal measures to ensure we can fulfill all current commitments.

Should the situation on our side change, we will inform you immediately and individually agree on the next steps.

We are open to any new orders for all our activities and we try to process our bids in the required terms.