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The objective of the quality policy and environmental policy of EXCON, a.s. is to satisfy the requirements, needs, and expectations of customers, minimize environmental impact, comply with requirements of laws and other regulations, observe the technical and quality parameters of supplied products and services, extend the services and goods that the company offers, maintain competitive prices, ensure maximum flexibility in supplies of goods and services, and continuously improve all activities of the company.

The company can achieve this goal primarily through the following activities:

  • Civil engineering design works
  • Execution of buildings including their changes, maintenance of buildings, and their removal
  • Purchase of materials for resale
  • Mediation activities in the field of trade and services
  • Engineering activities in capital construction
  • Real estate activities – developer projects

The company management is fully aware of its responsibility to protect the environment.

A) The company management has set forth the following strategic intents with the aim of maintaining and improving market position:

  • Rationalise and improve the quality system and environmental management system
  • Work from the standpoint of continuous improvement to maintain, develop, and hone the management system.
  • Hone the financial management system
  • Optimise the production portfolio.
  • Accept only those contracts which can be carried out to the highest quality.
  • Improve HR-related activities (planning of work positions, staff assessment and remuneration system, shaping the human capital and application of motivational tools)
  • On the basis of client satisfaction surveys, improve client care, support and shape the company’s image.
  • Use customer requirements as the basic criterion of work quality, analysing this aspect throughout the entire course of each project from the start of the tender through the end of the warranty period to achieve maximum compliance.
  • Maintain constant focus on the quality and application of new technologies to ensure a comparable technical level with European standards.
  • Deliver work in highest possible quality with the aim of improving customer satisfaction as well as the financial situation of the company.
  • Continuously improve environmental care with an emphasis on prevention. Continuously monitor the legal regulations in the field of environmental protection and ensure their compliance even by the company’s contractors at common workplaces.
  • Respond to changes in legal regulations, technical development, changes in customers’ needs, and changes in other requirements relating to the field of the company’s business.
  • Regularly ensure and evaluate the environmental impact of our activities. Use the assessment results for continuous improvement of processes in our company.
  • Treat natural resources with care, in particular raw materials, energy sources, and water with the aim of reducing waste and emissions into water and the atmosphere.
  • Cooperate with relevant authorities and interest groups in respecting the state and regional environmental policy.
  • Systematically improve awareness and knowledge required for environmental protection within the education process, with particular focus on preventing emergency situations.
  • Involve our suppliers into environmental protection systems at common workplaces.

B) To support this quality policy, company management undertakes:

  • To define the quality policy and environmental policy annually in the form of rateable goals.
  • To use dedicated work in the area of human resources to ensure that each company employee is acquainted with the company’s quality policy, understands its meaning, and also understands the importance attributed to quality by company management. To ensure regular training of the company’s employees so that each individual is aware of his/her role in the quality management system and understands it in all respects.
  • To provide all company employees with conditions for achieving their goals.
  • To provide services in the required quality, with high valuation of building materials and with maximum respect for the environment.
  • To verify on a quarterly basis the fulfilment of measures and tasks leading to achieving these goals.
  • To define remedial and preventive measures in case of non-conformity.
  • To plan and ensure the human and financial resources needed to achieve the goals.
  • To establish conditions for maintaining a united and highly professional employee collective.
  • To protect and improve the environment by using environmentally-friendly materials and technologies.

C) Occupational health and safety principles:

  • The control system of the company defines the protection and safety of employees’ health as one of its basic priorities.
  • Each employee safeguards his/her own safety and health, as well as to the safety and health of persons directly affected by his/her actions, to the extent possible.
  • Selection and assessment of subcontractors is performed with regard to their ability to comply with occupational health and safety standards in effect at the company.
  • The company shall monitor, evaluate, and adopt remedial measures resulting from this policy that are aimed at continuous improvement of the OHS system.
  • The company shall provide a safe and healthy work environment and focus on its continuous improvement.
  • Regulations relating to occupational health and safety are validly issued, adhered to, and available at all workplaces.

D) Company management expects the following from employees:

  • Consistent and accurate compliance with procedures set forth in quality control system and environmental management system documentation.
  • A high level of responsibility for the quality of their own work.
  • Self-checks of the results of own actions.
  • Error prevention.
  • Identification of topics for improvement of own work and environmental protection.
  • Thinking ahead about our impact on the environment and make decisions based on available and relevant facts.

Ing. Martin Kovář
Management Representative for Quality and Environment

Ing. Kateřina Čapková, MBA
EXCON, a.s. Executive Director

Prague, January 2018

Quality Policy
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