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Prestressing of Steel Structures

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Experts at EXCON, a.s. have created a state-of-the-art concept for introducing controlled prestressing forces into steel structures. This concept enables us to design economical structures, offering new possibilities to architects.

EXCON, a.s. has at its disposal the required technologies for both prestressing procedure design and for subsequent control of force introduction and measurement of forces in structures. The above-mentioned technologies are largely the result of internal development.

Internal forces in bars are evaluated by both strain gauge and frequency methods. These services are offered for structures in the segment of civil, industry and transport structures.

Our prestressed structures are designed and executed preferably with bars and components manufactured by Macalloy Ltd., England; this company is represented in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic by Tension Systems, s.r.o., which acts as its exclusive reseller and distributor. This is a complete certified system suitable even for structures subject to fatigue stress, such as bridges. Tension Systems, s.r.o. also provides complete service for bars installation and prestressing using hydraulic equipment.


  • O2 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Arenas in Chomutov and Třinec, Czech Republic
  • Footbridge in Jaroměř, Czech Republic
  • Troja Bridge in Prague and a hangar in Mošnov, Czech Republic

Contact: Ing. Jindřich Syrovátka, Technical Inspection Manager, +420 737 270 670, e-mail:

Prestressing of Steel Structures
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